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Author Topic: Goodbye Google News "newsshow" iframes, Hello Gooplusplus Google News Frames  (Read 485 times)

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Before a few weeks ago, Google provided something called "newsshow" that allowed bloggers and web site owners to embed customized scrolling Google News stories and searches in a user's blog or web site. That was a fairly significant feature in a few of my own web sites. Unfortunately, Google has now abandoned "newsshow".

This was especially noticeable on my browser's personal home tab:     http://m.gooplusplus.com/usamax.html?gnews (1360+ pixel width)

While my personal home tab would be too busy for most people, it is very convenient for me since I like to have the searches/links/tools of  the Gooplusplus home page combined on the same screen with the side panel display of minimalist (and fast) mobile web sites from m.gooplusplus.com.

When Google abandoned newsshow, my g.news frame became blank. Obviously, I needed to find a replacement. What happened, however, was that I found that other options I tried out on the internet were unsatisfactory and not very well adapted to Google's RSS News feeds. So, I built my own Google News frame system in eight different versions. Below is a scaled down image of my new (and improved) g.news frame. Note that the blue arrow points to a link to cycle forward through the news stories (15) in that category.

IMO, this is a great replacement for Google newsshow and easier and more flexible for others to use on your own blogs and web sites.

Your can embed your own customized Google News iframes on your own web site following examples at the link at the top of this thread.

Versions include:

1. text excerpt with image      2. text excerpt with image - dark
3. text excerpt (no image)      4. text excerpt (no image) - dark
5. headline with image          6. headline with image - dark
7. headline (no image)          8. headline (no image) - dark

For those who want to try embedding this new Google News RSS option for your own web site, you might notice that you can use the &box parameter at the end of your custom URL. However, it is usually better to just set frameborder="1" in your <iframe statement.
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